• The all in one solution for Creating content, Customer Relationship Management and Tracking
  • 2D and 3D video animation
  • Implement chats and forms on your website
  • CRM track your leads
  • Marketing Planning
  • upload CAD/STEP/Object from you design to a 3D views
  • AI generate your Image and Content
  • and many more functions



Write your own story and create a HTML Layout
Publish to your channels of choice (including Wordpress and social media)
Edit later
Research quicker with the get similar article tool
With Enydea Visual Customer Relationship Tool you can create rich Animations 3D and 2D and share online with social media and track your views. Standardise fonts and colors to standardised all content across channels and content.
Enydea beach house


Animate videos
Create 3D animations
Convert 3D Technical drawings to animations
Animate 2D logos
Convert animations to GIF/MP4/code


Write and Send emails
Create HTML emails
Publish animations in your Emails
Standardize your Colors and Fonts



Write and Send automated emails/Social media messages
Track unsubscribes
Send office 365 emails
Track your teams communications
Design visual appealing emails, integrate your videos and designs with your emails designs. Send email automated email campaigns and personalise your emails. Create Forms and Track progress through your personalised dashboard.


Create custom form
Track form entries
Integrate into you website
Standardize your Colors and Fonts


View all activities
Customize your dashboard to your need


Customer Relationship Management

Track Calls
Office 365 integration
Find contactpersons
Track open-rate emails
Integratre email with your Microsoft Office 365 account. Find and store contactpersons, Track and Identify your website visitors. Integrate with both Google analytics or our custom tracking method. Create links that can be tracked to show progress of your content. 

Website tracking

With Google Analytics or stand alone
Identify companies that visited your website
Link animations, emails to your website traffic

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