Frequently Asked Questions

What is Enydea?
Enydea is the next step in Customer Relationship Management, well actually it is not really CRM system it is content creation tool that also happens to have a CRM platform. 
What is a CRM system?
CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management system. A system designed to store customer data and use to improve your customer sales process. 
What is the benefit above other content creation platform? is completetly online and there is no need to install any software, even for the videocreation tools. 
Who owns the my artwork?
All your artwork and creatives you make will be your ownership. This does not include the stock artwork provided these are 3rd party artwork which can only be used in the Enydea platform (you can still use it as part of you artwork though).
Does Enydea use Artificial Intelligence?
No mostly human intelligence however some functions use some form of AI  and we plan to expand these functionalities in the future automating a large share of  your work making you work faster and more efficient, stay tuned.. 
My videocreator tool does not work properly why? 
Depends on your browser, works on all major browsers but the videocreation tool has currently some issues working on Safari. We hope to fix this issue in the future but for know please browser like Chrome, Firefox or Edge. If this is not the issue please contact us.