Tutorial: How to insert video in to email

Inserting email in your email impossible? of course not in this tutorial we will explain you how to insert videos in your emails. First of not all email clients will accept actual video files like .mp4 or .mov or .avi therefor we will explain how to create appealing html emails with videos. 

Why to embed video in your email templates?

With the abundance of emails coming in every day it is hard stand out. Embedded videos give you that little edge to stand out. It will give your audience that little extra to keep their attention. Or sometimes you want to make a very personal message by sending a video of yourself. 

Who is supporting embedded video anyway?

First of the amount of email clients that actual support embedded video's are very limited. So to create a video we need to make a solution for either all email clients or find a smart solution that will show different options depending on the email client you are working on. For instance if we look at Gmail which accounted for 36.5% of email opens globally in 2021, they do not support embedded videos in their phone or online clients. Apple on the other hands support embedded videos.  

Popularity of Gmail is partially of course because it getting shipped standard with Android. Apple mail is doing well for the same reason. Of course from a business point of view we will need to take Outlook in account. Even though its losing market share it still one of the more important email clients in business world and also its populair office 365 with the online email account should be taken in account. 

So the type of client is really important to know if your recipient is even able to see you video. 

How to embed video in your email templates with enydea.com?

  1. Create an Account on Enydea.com
  2. Create your own video in the awesome Enydea video editor  or upload your video through the video creator tool by selecting background settings and upload and set your video as background (you can still edit anything your want from here). 
  3. Go to the three dots in right upper corner --> press Convert to small GIF (You can also press convert GIF but this will create a rather large GIF depending on video size which will influence you deliverability).
  4. Go to Mailing/Publications 
  5. Click Mailing --> Template Editor and create your new email
  6. Drag and drop the image symbol and select your GIF from file
  7. Press  Save (convert to email) button
  8. Check if the template looks like you want
  9. Use the template directly with Office 365 from the Relations (CRM) system or use it for creating a new mailing campaign

Examples with embedded videos in Email